My Interview Series About a ‘Movement with No Leaders’ Uncovered Many

I have an itch for documenting things. I’m captivated by the history of history—how we recount and relate our past to the present and the future. It’s why I’m drawn to futurism, and why I’m so fascinated by the way cities and social movements work.

In 2009, when Jeremy Peters wrote “Why the Gay Rights Movement Has No National Leader” for The New York Times, I jumped at the chance to meet with members of the Gay Liberation Front, to see for myself if this “leaderless” claim was true. Over 10 days that summer, I caught up with surviving founders, who were, by that time, scattered across the country.

The result was 40 Years After Stonewall, a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots and the beginning of the modern queer rights movement.

In a short time, I explored the compelling lives of a group of extraordinary kids who came to New York to “make it big,” or simply to be themselves, blending in amidst the city’s teeming diversity. How they converged, and how their adventures brought them face-to-face with timeless figures like Huey Newton of the Black Panthers, AIDS activist Larry Kramer, and civil rights icon Jane Fonda—well, you’re welcome to dive in and find out for yourself.

These interviews serve as a resource for historians and activists. With Stonewall’s 50th anniversary approaching, I’m excited to see how we can improve on the 2009 series.

40 Years After Stonewall website
The Peters article


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Working with Chris is an absolute delight. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Chris on a few different efforts, and can attest to his grasp of philanthropic issues and his excellent writing skills—making tricky subjects engaging. Organized, efficient and effective, Chris is a value add to any institution.

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Chris was always up-beat, eager to take on new tasks and persistent in bringing them to completion. I can recommend him whole heartedly.

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