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The Art of Working from Home

On 5/19/18 LinkedIn wrote: “One of the great pleasures of working is to not show up for work. That said, sticking to a schedule while working from home can be tough. Whitson Gordon outlines a few ways to be productive when you’re working from the kitchen table.”

Here’s what I think. Cafes worked for a time but not anymore; sometimes you have to be “in the same room.” But tedium and managerial fear are more of a nightmare at the office and an office isn’t the trophy it once was. “Working from home” is a euphemism for nomadic work, where most would marry freedom and stability without being held hostage to bad music or seen as squatters, pressured to buy a latte every hour.

Of course, not all who wander are lost. If wanderlust isn’t your thing (maybe you feel comfortable with a home base vs. traveling) the trick is to carve out a space for yourself, whether it’s a WeWork membership or (if you have the resources) a space at home that’s dedicated to your business and making ends meet. No one will judge you for blasting Bon Jovi or Europe’s “The Final Countdown” as you wait for the GDPR to drop, and you can meet with your team while making a sandwich or walking the dogs.

Asynchronous remote communication isn’t for everyone and being in pole position can be terrifying. Regardless of which camp you’re in, there are benefits to producing remotely, not the least of which is finding a work-life balance to call your own. Ironic, isn’t it? Read more on LinkedIn.

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It’s Time to Ditch the Work Silos, for Real

Diversifying can move your team toward a service-oriented approach to engagement. At TechSoup, I led a team of experts to position the forum as a global resource for the social sector, as well as a content partner for Microsoft, Adobe and Box. Daniel Pink’s “Motivation 3.0” (autonomy, mastery, purpose) makes a case for workplace collaboration and my work with Techsoup is one example. Read more on LinkedIn Pulse.

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Madrigal’s Quilt of Horrors, or, How Did Facebook Fail Democracy?

Last week, Alexis Madrigal dropped a bomb in The Atlantic so big, we’re looking at Facebook, the social network we’ve given our lives to for a decade, wondering if we can ever trust it again. Madrigal says what Facebook did to American democracy is many threads of a huge story woven together. Now, let’s unravel this quilt of horrors. Read more on HuffPost.

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