There’s real value in community engagement.

To help engagement professionals link community performance with business impact, Leader Networks developed the Online Community Impact Framework, which helps them answer performance questions with metrics that matter. Free download here. One key measure is community relevance. From the guide:

[Engagement Metrics] demonstrate if members are coming back to the site – and whether they like what they see when they return. With Engagement Metrics, we’re able to move beyond community vibrancy to measure the extent to which members rely on each other and on the community’s experts to learn, solve problems, and share ideas. When these metrics are on track, member loyalty is also growing stronger. These metrics are particularly valuable to executives focused on marketing, customer care, the voice of the customer, content marketing, and field marketing, because they demonstrate if community members are finding value and meeting their needs.

I’m passionate about helping science, tech and nonprofit professionals understand and talk to the people they care about. More on how I do that here.


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