I use science principles to improve social sector communications.

I’m a communications strategist with 10+ years of experience designing conversations for science, tech and nonprofit organizations. I’m committed to building nonprofit capacity by standardizing practices and streamlining workflows. I’m working toward becoming an expert in collaborative design for cross-sector initiatives. More on my work history here.

With roots in pharmacogenomics, I’m deeply invested in science, emerging technologies and population dynamics. The needs of civil society are better met with strategies grounded in complex ecological thinking. I bring this perspective to conversations on data and civic engagement within open society and sustainability contexts. Inspired by the evolution of cities and society, I use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide my research on urban sustainability (SDG 11) and my work to reduce inequalities (SDG 10) strengthen partnerships (SDG 17) and promote the building blocks of open societies (SDG 16).

I spent several years managing communications for a global network of 20,000 philanthropic entities. In 2015, I presented a framework for distributed social networking for CSOs in Turkey, and was later invited to consult on a national housing initiative launched by a U.S. organization which advocates for diverse elders. I use what I learn from sector leaders like the United Nations, Foundation Center, Ford Foundation and TechSoup, to help social sector professionals collaborate better. Have a question? Want to work together? Get in touch.